Sunday, 29 June 2014


It has been a very busy month and a half in preparation for the New Designers exhibition later this week. There has been lots of tweaking, re-rendering and designing going on and now that I am pretty much ready for the event I can show what I have been up to!

The main piece of work I have been focusing on was redoing my whole animation! This needed to be done because I really wanted my animation to have the tracked footage I originally set out to include as this would make the animation feel even more realistic. 
Below is the finished result with tracked footage!

I then needed to complete two slideshows to sit alongside where the main film would be shown. These slideshows focused on exhibiting several of the plant elements in the animation in more detail.These slideshows had to be put together with the components on their sides as the screens they will be shown on will be hung up in a portrait orientation.

The last piece of work to edit was the demoreel. I didn't have much to change for this, it was about making it flow better so I swapped the order of my Around the World in Eighty Days and The Cell Cycle pieces as well as deleting any wireframe/untextured turnarounds which were in there as I didn't show any wireframes of my other pieces of work featured.

Thursday, 8 May 2014



Here is the artwork for my CD and case. I decided to just stick a still of one of my scenes on the CD because I think it speaks for itself. I made a border and lowered the opacity so that I could put my name and details on there otherwise it all sank into the colour and wasn't very easy to read.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


My third and final scene is finally finished! I have set some of this to render at uni but unfortunately did not have enough PCs to render the rest on so I will be setting this up tomorrow over the ones which are finished and fingers crossed I will be able to get it all rendered by tomorrow evening so I can take my time compositing it all properly!

This scene has some repeated elements in it from other scenes as it sits as an in between for them both but I really wanted to show the sculptures in this one as they are quite different to the other two scenes and it is important to show the most interesting three scenes out of the whole courtyard for the moment.