Friday, 31 January 2014

Plant Size and Planting Tests

Something that I didn't get time to do for the submission of the minor project was a range of size tests for my plants as well as different ways of displaying them from ground planting, pots, to hanging baskets and trellises. The document below shows tests I have done over the last few days. It is quite hard to classify each plant as one size because some of them look really nice in all sorts of sizes but I think I need to be selective. I can then use this range to scale each one up and down. For example, if a plant is medium sized it doesn't mean medium is one size, scaling around this size will make the artificial plants more real world.
I have characterized the plants below:
  • Plant 01= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 02= Small.
  • Plant 03= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 04= Medium.
  • Plant 05= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 06= Small - Medium.
  • Plant 07= X-Small - Small.
  • Plant 08= Small - Medium.
  • Plant 09= Medium.
  • Plant 10= Small - Medium.
  • Plant 11= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 12= Small - Medium.
  • Plant 13= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 14= Small.
  • Plant 15= Medium.
  • Plant 16= Large.
  • Plant 17= X-Small - Medium.
  • Plant 18= Medium - Large.
  • Plant 19= Large.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Influence Maps for Garden Accessories/Features

One of the tasks I need to complete this project is the designing of garden objects to sit alongside my plants. To inspire me for this and to see what is already out there I have created a range of influence maps.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Major Project... Beginnings

Now that my dissertation has been handed in it's time to focus back onto my major project! For anyone who does not know I am doing a year long project so I am carrying my minor project into my major. This means...

The Futurists' Garden is still being worked on!

Below is a proposal outlining my intentions for the remainder of the year including my final outcome.

Here is also a refresher of the list of work left to complete for this project.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Making of... The Futurists' Garden

Disc Artwork

Turnaround: Plant 19

Turnaround: Plant 18

Turnaround: Plant 17

Turnaround: Plant 06

Turnaround: Plant 16

Turnaround: Plant 15

Turnaround: Plant 14

Turnaround: Plant 13

Turnaround: Plant 12

Turnaround: Plant 11

Turnaround: Plant 10

Turnaround: Plant 09

Turnaround: Plant 05

I'm not too sure what all the pink speckles in the background are on the textured pass so this is something to rectify during the major. Apart from that it is all looking fine.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Turnaround: Plant 04

Plant #19 Final Render

Last but not least...phew... is the last of the aluminium plants. Time to get the rest of those turnarounds up!

Plant #18 Final Render

I keep thinking of those shiny chunky lego bricks when I texture these glossy plastic plants because of their vibrance in colour. This is the last of the plastic plants.

Plant #17 Final Render

The last glass one of the lot in a pretty lilac.

Plant #16 Final Render

Back to glass for the this one as I preferred it in glass out of the three materials as an overall final render.

Plant #15 Final Render

Second from last with the aluminium plants is this strange looking plant which I was shocked to get out of my silhouette thumbnails.

Plant #14 Final Render

Another aluminium plant which I think shows the motion Futurists' loved.

Plant #13 Final Render

Plant 13 is probably one of the more unusual looking plants out of the set.

Plant #12 Final Render

Here is the first of my aluminium material plants. Another man-made material Futurists' loved. I think it makes a nice contrast to all the bright funky colours of the glass and plastic.

Plant #06 Final Render

Finally plant 06 has rendered the correct way! It reminds me of those gummy teeth and toothbrush sweets for some reason.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Turnaround: Plant 08

Here is another turnaround showing the pipeline of my plants. This time its plant 08.

Turnaround: Plant 07

Here is the turnaround for plant 07, I am still awaiting maya to get its act in gear and finish rendering plants 4,5 and 6 so we'll make do with the skip. :)

Plant #11 Final Render

Last plant for tonight's haul is my 11th one. Enjoy!

Plant #10 Final Render

Plant #10 is probably one of the most unusual shaped out of them all but I thought it was perfect for being covered in plastic. After all a lot of unusual shaped things get made out of plastic.

Plant #09 Final Render

Plant #09 and we're nearly halfway there. It's nice to see how different shaped plants react differently to the materials and lighting.


Plant #08 Final Render

I really like the colour on this one. The ambient occlusion pass really made it vibrant and yummy!

Plant #07 Final Render

A little jump to plant #07 as plant #06 hasn't rendered out the way I wanted so that will appear tomorrow! Apart from glass there are many other man-made materials which fit into a Futurists' life. Plastic is no exception to this. I have decided to go for a nice high gloss plastic which looks more synthetic than other plastics.

Plant #05 Final Render

The first of my render still haul to hit the blog tonight and it's my final glass one before moving onto the plastics! It is one of my personal favourites. :)

Turnaround: Plant 03

While some of the others render away I've composited my third turnaround!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Plant #04 Final Render

And the next one! :)

Plant #03 Final Render

Here's the next one! This one noticeably looks better with the ambient occlusion applied.

Finalised Plant Colour Variations

In real gardens of flowers lots of plants come in mixtures of colours, look at roses for instance. Therefore, I have applied this to my Futurist plants. I have tried not to create too many variations so that they can still be distinguished as different plants when in groups. The difference in shades was also determined by the sizes and groupings of the plants. For example, stand alone plants seemed to offer a better chance to really change the colour variations whereas, small grouping plants look better with blends of tone so the compliment each other.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Turnaround: Plant 02

Next up is my completed turnaround for plant 2. Same principles as the last one so that they will all sit nicely side by side.

Turnaround: Plant 01 (Edited)

After getting the background on my stills to look right I decided to head back and fix that turnaround of mine. There should no longer be any strange background dancing, just a nice subtle blend between each section of the pipeline woo!