Thursday, 28 November 2013

Flower Silhouette Thumbnails Continued...

With the dissertation draft handed in it was back to creating more Futurist flowers. Still sticking with ellipses I have just around 70 different flowers. I'm really pleased with the turnout from only using ellipses/warped ellipses! Hopefully moving on to triangles, spirals and cones will have just as good a result.
I have pretty much covered all of the flower forms I did research into with the ellipses now apart from the very similar ones. I will now move on to applying ellipses to trees, shrubs, leaves ect.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Part 2: Squash & Stretch Arm

Today it was back to the world of rigging but this time we looked at giving characters squash and stretch which was really interesting. This doesn't just have to be used for characters though!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Flower Silhouette Thumbnails

So here I go with getting my Futurist flowers down on paper! I'm starting off with some silhouettes which I have formed by drawing out shapes on coloured paper then cutting them out and arranging them. Then using levels to take them to black in photoshop so that I can see the forms I have made easily.
For this set of thumbnails I focused on the Futurists' love for ellipses. Most of the shapes I made are variations on ellipses from stretched thin ones to fat rounder ones. I also made shapes based on ellipses like the 'bean shape'. These were made up by thinking about what an ellipse turned into if it was bent about.
I also focused on one type of flower form which is the solitary flower. I'm pretty happy to get 15 silhouettes of possible Futurist flowers from only ellipses and solitary flowers.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Minor Project Interim Crit Presentation 08/11/13

Test Model Garden Layout 2

On to my second test garden layout here are some labelled paintings on top of the model. I feel that the last one is the most successful and interesting.

Test Model Garden Layout 1 Continued

Continuing on from my last post I have taken some of my other camera shots from different sections of layout 1 and painted on top of them labels which they could possibly turn into further into the design stage.

Here are all of them for layout 1 together.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Test Model Garden Layout 1

I have taken one of my camera shots into photoshop and worked on top of it to label parts as what they possibly could be. This has helped me call this image a 'space' rather than just a ground plan and working out which features of a garden go where will allow me to design these elements to fit. It was most important to get the layout down first rather than design little parts so I will update this post with the rest of this test model at different sections and with parts labelled.
I will then continue doing this for the rest of my ground plans to see which one has the most potential to carry forward.