Monday, 31 December 2012

Heroine Colour Experiments- More Space Age

I almost forgot about the monochromatic of the 1960s space age inspired fashion too so here are some inverted monochrome colour versions! :)

Heroine Colour Experiments (Feedback Please!)

Here are the colour experiments I have created on top of my final heroine design. I have taken a lot of influence from 1960s fashion, some are brighter than others to match the more hallucinogenic side of the 60s. I had to have the metallic or white boots in there too as it just didn't seem right or space age enough without them!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Finalised Heroine Outline

Here is my finalised idea for my 1960s inspired secret agent heroine. It has taken me a while and I know my strength does not lie with character design but I have worked to get this right and I am actually happy with this! :) I'm currently finishing up touching up the line art and doing colour experiments for her so those will be up next.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Maya Cartoon Character Turnaround (Regular Pose)

Here is the final cartoon character as a turnaround. I watched a few existing professional turnarounds and noticed that some had a silhouette added to them which I thought was a nice idea so I played around in maya to get this effect in my render too.

I'm also going to create a turnaround of the character posed properly.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Facial Rigging Part 3:Adding a Face Camera

Final bit of rigging is finally complete! Now it's just the turnaround to complete and the character will be finished. :)

Facial Rigging Part 2: Lip Syncing & Face Controls

Finished all the lip syncing and face controls through the blendshapes. Here are all my blendshapes at work.

All of the blendshapes






Fff & Vvv

Angry Eyebrows (Both)

Angry Eyebrows (Single)

Raised Eyebrows (Both)

Raised Eyebrows (Single)

Facial Rigging Part 1:Blend Shapes (Visemes & Phonemes)

The start of adding blendshapes to the character. When I did this for my group project character I had quite a few problems but at the moment I haven't encountered any but from the experience I have been more careful about figures being on the rig and skin which could affect applying blendshapes so I'm actually glad I had those problems before because now I know how to fix them if they do happen again! :)

Blendshapes applied with duplicate sculpting head. (No sculpting applied)
Blendshapes applied with duplicate sculpting head. (Couple parts sculpted)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Eye Rigging Part 2: Eye Look Control

All of the controls are now in place so next I need to do the lip syncing blendshapes.


Eye Rigging Part 1: Blinking

Blinking rigging and controls are complete so there is just the eye control to do before moving on to the lip syncing.

Mouth Rigging Part 3: Adding a Tongue

The mouth is now finished with the tongue included apart from lip syncing. I've twisted the tongue a little to show the joints in action and given a side view to show the whole of the tongue more easily.


Mouth Rigging Part 2: Adding Teeth

Teeth are now added so just the tongue to get into place before the mouth is finished..

Mouth Rigging Part 1: Adding a Throat

I have now added a throat to the character exporting the head skin weights before adding more geometry and then exporting them back and sorting out skin allowances to each joint around the mouth so that the throat didn't look like something out of Doctor Who.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Body Rigging: Part 1- Feet & Legs

Think the rigging of the feet and legs is done after the IK problem I was having as it looks like its working :)

Body Rigging: Part 3- Arms

Both arms are now fully rigged.

Body Rigging: Part 2- Spine

The rigged spine for the maya character, however without the feet and legs rigging as I have yet to fix the issue I am having with that.

Narrative: My Individual Contribution

This is already on our group submission disc but I thought I would post it up here too to share the amount of workload I contributed over the 12 weeks.

Emma- My Contribution to the Project

'The War Plane' Animated Short

Alice, Ernesta and my completed animated short over at Pigment Studios developed over a 12 week period.

The Making of 'The War Plane'

Just a couple more posts which I have not posted up on my own individual blog finalising the completion of my narrative group project during which we created an animated short called 'The War Plane'. Enjoy!

The Making of- The War Plane

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Narrative: CD & Case Designs

In preparation for our crit I've been working on our CD and case artwork. I tried to keep it simple and symbolic just like how our animation is itself while keeping it professional and linked to our animation and art direction at the same time.

CD Design
Case Design

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Little Boy Fully Rigged and Ready to Animate!

Over at Pigment Studios Tthis little boy has caused us a couple of problems which has delayed him getting finished especially over the last couple of days but we've finally got there and it was definitely worth battling through! :)

Here are a few images showing the final character with his range of costume changes.

As his typical 1940s self. However, the outfit will be textured differently so that we can also use it for the 1950s outfit.
These are the extra outfit components that we have skinned after fully rigging and connected through visibility attributes on the main character control. The 1940s boy's pyjamas and the 1950s hair.
Finally a shot of the base character minus the components that change. Also showing the skinned skeleton more clearly.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

@ Phil- Postmodernism Introduction & Structure

Hi Phil I was just wondering if you could check this essay plan and introduction over for me to make sure I am on the right tracks and that my structure does narrow down gradually to focus on a small thing.
I'm also not sure about the order of the first and second paragraphs. Is it better to introduce the film in a short paragraph before introducing postmodernism as a whole or the other way round?

Thanks! :)

Postmodernism Essay Plan

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Narrative: Little Boy Fully Skinned

The little boy character for my group project is now fully skinned and ready to next be rigged. Here are two videos of animation of the skinning, one plain and one with the UV mapping and eyes visible.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Narrative: Little Boy UV Mapped

The main character for my group project animation is now ready to be textured by Alice and skinned and rigged by myself :)

Hair UV Map

Head, Throat, Eyebrows UV Maps

Shirt/Arms and Hands UV Maps

Shoes UV Maps

Legs/Trousers UV Maps

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Research: James Bond 'You Only Live Twice'

As part of developing my character design into a more 1960s orientated world and making myself live and breathe the 1960s for the rest of the unit last week I watched the 1967 James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice'.
I paid close attention to the stylisation of the sets, costumes and props including the cars and here are just some of the things that particularly caught my eye as good inspiration for my work.

Set Designs
Props- I particularly liked the clever gadgets of the lipstick smoke spray and the cigarette dart. Especially the dart as the cigarettes are nearly forgotten about and only come in useful at one of the worst times for Bond in the film.

James Bond  You Only Live Twice (1967) prop weapons James Bonds Walther PPK