Monday, 25 March 2013

Modelling Continued: Adding the Giant Globe

Trying to keep my blog up to date with my maya progress. The next step was to add the globe to the main stand. I was a bit scared it wouldn't fit to be honest after I'd changed the design a bit from my orthographic but I sat it in place and after just a couple of tweaks it fit just right :) I then added some extra parts to the globe to secure it in place at the top and not just the bottom. This will then allow the globe to spin diagonally on its axis and look realistic doing so.


Soft Bodies Part 4: Water


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fogg Stand Centre Piece Fully Modelled & UV Mapped!

It's been very quiet on here lately but fear not I have been glued to maya losing count on countless parts of this feature piece! The main part of my stand is finally completed and ready for texturing once all the other elements are made. This has taken a while but it is the most complex part of the whole digital set geometry wise and I have been using modelling techniques I haven't before so now the rest of the modelling should hopefully be a lot quicker!

Some alterations have been made from the original orthographic to make it seem more suitable for my digital set world and also simplifying some of the geometry so I do not face horrible problems later on.

Below are some screenshots of my continued progress to the final model.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Maya Progress Beginnings...

Just thought I would share some of the maya modelling I have started for my digital set so that my blog and I don't go quiet throughout it. Its early days and it is taking a bit of time as I'm getting used to modelling processes that I haven't done a lot of before and some include a bit of guesswork and experimentation especially the duplicate special tool!

I have been UV mapping as I go along also as there is a lot of duplication going on so if I UV map one element and then duplicate it I don't have to UV map them all separately later :)


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Another Fogg Stand Concept

I've done another concept for my digital set showing a part of the stand I had not yet successfully shown and I thought I should cover before moving on to starting to model. This was actually placing one of my ride cars on the switchback railway.

Now I think it's time to get modelling! :)

Edited Fogg Stand Concept

One of the finished concepts I showed during the interim crit didn't have any foreground elements to look through and I hadn't incorporated the plants that will florish my set and help fill it up so I thought it would be helpful to add to the already completed concept first before moving on.