Wednesday, 30 November 2011

L.A. Noire and the Uncanny Valley

While on a research hunt on the web into things that show the uncanny I stumbled across this article on Rockstar and Team Bondi's videogame L.A. Noire which I found really interesting. I had actually forgotten that this game is just one of many great examples which have taken gaming beyond gaming itself and more into the questioning of its reality and how far reality should be taken in gaming itself before it just becomes a misinterpretation of reality. I myself was a witness to this when a woman picked it up in front of me in a shop and showed her husband saying 'ohh this film looks great!'
This may just be a good source to look at for my essay!
How L.A. Noire Conquered The Uncanny Valley With A Tech Called MotionScan 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Life Drawing: Week 11

This week was back to proportions and measuring but with a difference, focusing mostly on the shadows and tones within the figure. We started off with the usual 2 minute warm up sketches then went on to experiment with showing the shadow using whatever material we wanted and could get our hands on.
I decided to cover my piece of paper with charcoal and work on top of that to express the shadows. I do like the effect but next time I want to try the covering then rubbing on more rather than adding an outline on parts so that they show up. Think it depends on the materials I had.
I then decided to experiment with pen, something I realised I hadn't yet used in life drawing. I wanted to look at drawing the actual shapes the shadows make with some hatching and I really liked the effect it created.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

Unit 2: Crit Presentation 25/11/2011

Unit 2- Crit Presentation

Concept 1: Underwater Cemetery Progression and Final Piece

Last but not least my Concept 1 Underwater Cemetery is complete! I am really happy with this considering when it started off it got into some dodgy mush of kelp that looked like it was all at the same distance and caused much erasing and over painting to get rid of it but the kelp seems much happier now, no more tangled mess!


Final Painting

Concept 3: Atlantis Progression and Final Piece

Second piece complete, this one being Atlantis! I'm again really happy with it...glad its finally finished after all those structures!


Final Painting


Concept 2: Giant Oyster Grotto Progression and Final Piece

Concept 2 complete yay! Did this one first as it seemed to be the one that stuck out in my head visually and needed to escape from my head fully so I could concentrate on the others. I am really happy with it and tried to use the feedback I got on my last unit final piece to improve on this. So here's my progression and final painting!


Final Painting

5 Preparatory Studies: Atlantis

Perspective practice within final concept progression
Flipping canvas to decide which way
 Colour Experimentation
Jellyfish Experimentation
Experimentation with intensity of volcano lighting

5 Preparatory Studies: Giant Oyster Grotto

Development of thumbnail testing perspective impact
Perspective practice within final piece progression
Decision of which way canvas will go
Colour experimentation
Colour experimentation for pearl

5 Preparatory Studies: Underwater Cemetery

Initial Digital Painting laying down ideas
Perspective practice and looking where the light will come from
Perspective check during final piece development
Colour Experimentation
Flipping canvas to decide which view is better