Wednesday, 25 September 2013

So it begins...Year 3!

The end is nigh...sort of!
Summer is over (well not the dissertation part) so it is back to working for that end goal BA Hons. There are 3 things left in my way to getting it. My minor, major and dissertation. However I am not going to start panicking about it all, I'm going to try and prove to myself that I can do it without getting too stressed and freaking out. So for now I'm forgetting my major and focusing on my minor and dissertation. This post marks this more confident approach and the year to come. I'm a third of the way there with the dissertation so next stop is getting some minor project proposals out there from my summer thoughts so watch this space. :)


Andriana Laskari said...

Good luck Emma! I am sure you'll do amazing :)

Emma Foster said...

Thank you Andi! :D

tutorphil said...

onwards! :)