Sunday, 2 December 2012

@ Phil- Postmodernism Introduction & Structure

Hi Phil I was just wondering if you could check this essay plan and introduction over for me to make sure I am on the right tracks and that my structure does narrow down gradually to focus on a small thing.
I'm also not sure about the order of the first and second paragraphs. Is it better to introduce the film in a short paragraph before introducing postmodernism as a whole or the other way round?

Thanks! :)

Postmodernism Essay Plan


tutorphil said...

Hi Emma,

I think there's an argument for starting with the paragraph on the film - but also using this paragraph to introduce the 'easy/everyday' use of the term 'postmodernism' in relation to the film, while conceding too that as a term, postmodernism is 'difficult'.

You do have a technical error in there however - you're using 'meta-narrative' to mean the same as 'meta-fiction' - and they're distinct; you should deal with the pre-fix 'meta' - meaning 'about its own category' and define 'meta-fiction' in relationship to the film. Meta-narratives describe the grand stories of religion, science and art etc. and are not relevant to your specific investigation. Otherwise, this looks content rich...

Emma Foster said...

Okie thanks for clarifying that for me Phil! :)