Saturday, 3 May 2014

Render Layers Composited Test

I wanted to make sure I was achieving the right results before I set my scene to render so using my render layer stills I composited them into After Effects. Apart from a few minor issues which have been corrected since for the rendering as well as removing the foreground sculpture I am happy with the effect I am getting. I think the blur using the depth pass still needs some tweaking but I will finalise this properly for hand in.


Alan Postings said...


I realise you have a 'garden plan' but the post (and upper/ lower planes) in the foreground is an obstruction. You're making a film so you can remove it for theatrical purposes. Think film shot not architectural plan.

Emma Foster said...

Hi Alan thank you for the help! I ended up speaking to Phil about this on Friday and removed it before setting it to render :)

Alan Postings said...