Saturday, 27 August 2011

Structure Development (2)

Today I started playing around in Photoshop with how my structure's texture and colour would look. I had already decided I wanted my structure to be made of some sort of metal so had to think about how I would bring this across. I also had to show the effects the environmental (creature) had had on it through the cracks that had started forming in the metal.

Below are colour swatches I made for a main part of my structure to help me determine the final look. I really like the more neutral swatches such as 1, 2 and 5 as I think these would blend better into the environment and would be good colours for the creature's molten matter to show up against. I also kind of like 4 as it has a sort of stoney tone to it. However, I think the colours in 3 and 6 are a too artifical metal palette. I will have to have a good think about the structure's surroundings before choosing my final colour palette


Domantas said...

I think you could do some sort of quick concept sketch from that already. If you are starting to play around with photoshop just do it. :D You know you can tweak all those minor details as much as you want there. Although I think this project doesn't ask you to do that.

tutorphil said...

tweak away, Emma! :D