Friday, 26 August 2011

Structure Development

When the time came to decide which structure I would take further I looked about putting a storyline/background to each on and see where that would take me. There was one in particular that I liked which would also combine my favourite lifeform and machine to form a world for all three.

It revolved around the existence of an evil lifeform that would eat away at anything it could through the use of some sort of molten matter to get to its favourite prey..the human. The humans had to try and survive around this creature and carry on with their daily lives as whenever they had tried to escape this land they had just made matters worse. The best solution was to build their lives around it.

I started off developing my structure by writing down some keywords I wanted to come across through it and figuring out how everything connected including how the material it was made of would affect it's existence.
I think now I need to look into the texture and colour scheme of it to lead me to my final design.

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tutorphil said...

Hey Emma - love this narrative/extended logic approach; this is the stuff of world-making. I look forward to seeing how it develops further! Good stuff.