Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Final Structure Turnaround

Here is my final structure turnaround! I'm really happy with the outcome especially as it is not something that I would normally draw but I really enjoyed creating it.

As I have yet to finish my lifeform I haven't decided on a colour for it's 'molten matter' but to represent it in this turnaround I thought of colours I associate with evil but that also went well with the cold metal colour. I decided in the end for an ice type blue as some other colours I associated with evil just didn't seem to fit the scene and I thought the classic evil red would misinterpret as lava. However, this could well change depending on how my creature takes form.


Chrissie Peters said...

Emma, that looks fab! I love the contrast between the earthy colours and the blue, and its beautifully presented.

Emma Foster said...

Thank you! :D