Saturday, 4 May 2013

Animating my Train and Creating Steam

After I animated my steam train yesterday I did a small playblast to check that it worked ok and since have added a steam particle effect.

When I was making the particle effect though I came across a problem which ended up with the steam being really discoloured by the lighting and orange steam just doesn't seem right! I ended up disconnecting the light and creating another one which was only connected to the steam which got rid of this strange colouring. I then added a bit of discolouring so that the steam wasn't just solid grey and looked more convincing.



tutorphil said...

I'd just slow it down a bit, Emma - it looks very small and like a 'model train' in this pre-viz because it's travelling to quickly and the smoke is behaving too rapidly - you may know all of this already, if so, apologies - but, yes, slow it down to create a sense of weight and real wordless :)

Emma Foster said...

Thanks for the tip Phil, all changed :D

tutorphil said...

*real worldness* (damn blogger autocorrection!)