Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Planting Progress

Here are some progress shots of my inclusion of some of my trees into the scene, while making them I originally rendered them out as paint effects and was horrified with the icky trees I got up against my structure which reminded me of something out of the Sims. Alan explained that this can happen with paint effects especially when up close so it would be best to convert them into polygons and adjust their look even more after converted especially with an ambient occlusion plugged in.

And here is my result so far :)


tutorphil said...

exciting - just real green stuff in real spaces - just brings places to life! :) Looks like all that fiddling is going to pay off, Emma! Fiddle away!

tutorphil said...

god - sorry, it's my cold meaning I can't type for s**t tonight! I meant to write 'just *like* real green stuff in real spaces...'