Thursday, 1 September 2011

Machine Development

Having finished my structure turnaround I found it much easier to continue on with my machine as I had already created my background/world. Now it was about getting my favourite rough machine concept to fit inside this world.

I had already been thinking about more ways the humans could live around this creature and its molten matter and was asking myself is there a way they could make use of it? Thinking about the regularly brought up worry of global warming and how we are going to eventually run out of fossil fuels, meaning we will need to find other means to use for energy I thought well what if the creature's matter could be used instead? With this thought in mind I looked at how I could fit it to my concept and have come up with the below idea.

When thinking about the materials my machine would be made from I liked the idea of having transparent parts either made from glass or some sort of thick heat resistant plastic so that what is happening inside is on display. I will have to have a play with this before I move on to see what effects it has.

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tutorphil said...

hey Emma - am loving all the head-scratching going on here - all the 'what if' stuff. Great!