Thursday, 25 October 2012

Character Design: Week 3 Exercises

This week's character design lesson focused on different proportions and body shapes. It was key to remember to block out a character using shapes especially around the joints and straight lines before going into any detail. At first I didn't add a lot of these shapes but now that I know I will remember to do this first! I did add these shapes to the sketches I did after just for my own reference and practice.

For this first exercise I got Mr Incredible as the character I had to change body shape of.

I firstly drew the shape that already made him up to help me see what type of body he had. Then I attempted to make him more feminine in form (narrowing waist, smaller hands ect).

I then made him more bottom heavy and chubby rather than muscular and then a bit more regular equally proportioned throughout which I think takes away his superhero quality quite a bit.

We were then given a characteristic and asked to draw 4 different characters from this but which all had this characteristic. I got given 'clown'. I am quite pleased with a couple of the body shapes I produced especially the female but two of them are a bit similar and I didn't notice that I have done all of the clown hair the same! I think I will give this another go so that they all really scream clown to me including through their costume.


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