Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character Design: Rough Story Synopsis

This synopsis is still a work in progress as I'm still unsure of how some events would unfold and I have yet to decide on names for the characters so please bare with me! :)

(Insert name here) is an average human being or so it seems. But in fact she specialise sin the secret services loving her job of wrecking havoc on any villainous plan that may be about.
Hired by a secret intergalactic space program, she journeys into space after strange interference on their satellites is picked up detailing the plan of an ex intergalactic space employee to take control of the world for the benefit of his health.

We say ex employee after an unexpected mishap with his ship's airlock took place trapping him in a red taped space zone. This imprisonment has lead to a strange growth on him which is slowly eating away at him alive and which he needs a mineral deep down in the centre of the Earth to resolve it. See this is what happens when you play with serious space tech!

On assignment of this new mission (Hero's name) befriends the intergalactic program's latest state of the art robot appropriately in the form of an owl as he assists her with his wise words and smartness.
(Hero's name) takes on the role of double agent, trying to foil the villain's plan by tricking him into believing she is all about helping his cause.

However, when events suddenly turn on their head putting good and evil in a head to head battle a long forgotten gadget comes back to help save the day.

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