Sunday, 14 October 2012

Influence Maps: Secret Agent Qualities

Now that I have defined what makes a secret agent in the mass media using existing examples I am focusing on defining the key physical appearance of a secret agent. Below are two influence maps looking at 'real film' and cartoon examples. There are some noticable things that seem to apply to the majority of these spies, really making their character role obvious.

- Male secret agents in tuxedo.
- Handguns.
- Tight fitting (leather) outfits especially for women.
- Usually very attractive.
- If not very attractive, the alternate silly secret agent.
- Very acrobatic.
- Blackout sunglasses.
- Sexy disguises.
- Male secret agents with attractive female sidekick.
- Classic fedora and trench/over coat sometimes worn.

After finding these normalities I included some non-secret agents as part of my influence maps because I felt they still applied with some of their characteristics such as 'The Incredibles' Elastigirl, 'Dark Angel's Max and 'The Matrix'.



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