Friday, 12 April 2013

Modelling coming to a Close!

It's been a very long process but a process I can now look back on and be very proud of myself with! The modelling stage of my adaptation is coming to an end... you may be wondering where certain things are such as my steam train, snack carts and the plants are but fear not they have not been forgotten. While I move onto texturing these will gradually pop into the scene as right now I think it is best to get what I've got textured. This will allow me to combine the majority of my geometry and let Maya speed up a lot as I can just sense adding palm trees and all the little props right now is going to make Maya crash a lot more than it normally does. So for now here is my digital set modelled and UV mapped.
Get ready for an onslaught of texture map posts! :)



tutorphil said...

whoo hoo! bring it on! (and keep saving too!)

Jon Stewart said...

God damn, can we just see a render? These tiny images just aren't doing it justice! Big render please!

Tom Beg said...

Impressive! Nice spiral staircase too! :)

Just keep one on eye on render times when you start texturing!

Chrissie Peters said...