Monday, 22 April 2013

Stand Finally Textured!

I know it's been quiet on here but fear not I've been painting away on the graphics tablet. The main stand element of my digital set is finally finished texturing. It has eaten up a fair amount of my time but it is the biggest part and I feel it needed the most attention what with all of its little details. Hopefully with the extremely helpful tips from Jordan the rest of the set will follow along nicely and I'll be lighting by late this week. Currently working on making those Union Flags pop on screen and not look too flat, oh and make sure they are hanging right way round!!

UV Maps

Texture Maps
(This one is WIP)


Tom Beg said...

Looks grand!

Nice detail on those texture maps. Be sure to consider the material properties as well, and how that might potentially effect the way you go about texturing. As when you start bringing in lights it's the underlying supporting material and controlling it's particular quirks which will make everything 'zing'. For example you may have to deepen the colour of this texture, to make it work with the specular settings of the material you intend on using.

tutorphil said...

well done, Emma! Just keep going :)

Jordan Buckner said...

Yep, it's all looking great Emma. The flag texture seems to be going in the perfect direction for making sure everything fits in the same world. Looking forward to seeing more.

Emma Foster said...

Thank you all! :D

Tom- Thanks for the advice I'll have a little more playtime with it and come bother you if I get really stuck :P

Jordan- Yay thank you so much for your help today :)

chris1409 said...

This is incredible, great work!

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Chris! :)

Alice said...

This is soo good Emma! There is so much beautiful details and the texturing looks amazing! So excited to see the finished scene! (:

Emma Foster said...

Aww thank you Alice!! :)