Monday, 30 December 2013

Background Experiments

On the suggestion from Phil I have tried to make my white background more white but without engulfing the plants and making them look flat. Below are the results I ended up with. I still cannot decide which is best for a final render. The last one looks good for a turnaround though.

All are using a white lambert curved nurbs plane in the background except the last one which uses a white surface shader. I'm not sure if the last one is bleaching out the colours though. If someone could tell me if they are bleached out on their screen that would be much appreciated! Then I will know if I'm being picky/my monitor colours are out!


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tutorphil said...

Morning Emma,

Yes - you are losing some nuance in the 4th render; the 3rd render is nice though, because those heavy shadows are gone. The thing I found distracting previously was the restlessness of the background during the turnarounds - a sort of shifting between white and grey; if you can soften all of that out using the settings of render 3, then I think you'll have an elegant solution :)