Sunday, 29 December 2013

Futurist Music

As part of my project I have researched into Futurist music. Not only will I need to use it in my major project for my garden fly-through to really get across the theme, I thought it would add a nice touch to my turnarounds.
Below are various pieces of music categorised as Futurist. I will need to pick a piece which feels best suited to my turnarounds.

'Serenata'- Antonio Russolo

'Corale' Antonio Russolo

'Risveglio di una Citta'- Luigi Russolo

'Danza della Scimmie'- Franco Casavola

'Preludio a Prigionieri'- Franco Casavola

'Tango e Allegro'- Franco Casavola

'India Rubber Man'- Aldo Giuntini

'Le Macchine'- Aldo Giuntini

'Trio per violino...'- Francesco Balilla Pratella

'Fox-Trot Futurista'- Virgilio Mortari

Finally I leave you with this track which I happily and accidently came across while researching Futurist music on YouTube. Even though it is from a current band, it has similarities with the mechanical and industrial sounds of the period of Futurism. Coincidently enough it is also named 'Futurism'. Even now we are producing music which challenges the modern and what the future may be. (I know, I know I can't use this one!)

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tutorphil said...

for me, in terms of suitability for turnarounds, I think you could use the 'Tango' piece and the India Rubber Man... but for the actual 'fly-through', I really like that highly abstract one - 'Risveglio' - very avant-garde!