Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pipeline Turnaround Experiments

The rendering is underway and I have my first plant, nicknamed the sausage plant. Before I completed my final turnaround (these turnarounds do not show all parts of the pipeline) I wanted to make sure I make them as professional looking as possible. In the past we have rendered our turnarounds on black backgrounds but I wasn't sure if this was best for my plants so I have rendered out black and white versions. I think I am leaning towards the white version as the glass seems to pop more and the jump to ambient occlusion is more fluid.

Version 1

Version 2


tutorphil said...

Hi Emma,

Yes the white background is nice - but I'm wondering about the shadow; to me, the whole turnaround would be more effective if it was shadowless, and that includes the shifting tones on the white background itself - are you able to just have your objects as clean, shadowless assets on a clean, uniform background?

Emma Foster said...

Thanks for the feedback Phil, that has really helped!!