Monday, 9 December 2013

Focusing my Futurist Theme- Dynamism

After a tutorial with Alan it was discussed that to really move my design work onto the next stage I needed to go back to my research on Futurism and pick a theme within the garden theme of Futurism itself. The reason for this is due to the message I want to convey through my Futurist garden. The Futurists had varying themes and beliefs however, if I take all of them and attempt to place them all in my digital set it would feel cluttered and unplanned. Narrowing down to a particular theme will give me more control over how to show the Futurists' claim over the correct way to garden.

After recapping over my Futurism research the theme which stood out to me was that of 'dynamism' which deals with vigorous activity and progress. A key part of dynamism is movement/ the impression of movement and energy.
I thought this was perfect to focus on what with the motion, industrial and transport themes Futurism features.

I moved on to look specifically at dynamism in existing gardens and a google image search brought up many examples. Here are some that particularly stood out to me showing different ways to be dynamic.

Further research into the dynamic garden brought up these ideas to express it.

  • Bold colours.
  • Sense of flowing.
  • Lots of movement.
  • Plants like succulents are seen to make a dramatic show when grouped.
  • Illusion of motion through repetition, no static notes.
  • Repeated line, shape and colour to create rhythm and movement.
  • Sweeping movement, curved lines.
  • Ascending heights of elements produces progressive advancement (progression)
  • Diagonal line (zig-zag)
  • Proximity between garden elements.
  • Triangular beds.
  • Interuptions.

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tutorphil said...

Hi Emma - look again at the paintings of Balla for guidance on how to create dynamism:

Notice how he is pushing a repeated shape 'across' the canvas - I think repeating and overlapping similar shapes will create movement in terms of the flow of your layout; look too at this famous image:

Remember this as well? Pas-de-deux by Mclaren?