Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fluid Effects Research

In my minor project feedback Phil mentioned opportunities for fluid effects to keep my garden dynamic and not just sculptural. Automatically my brain thinks water but the futurist I'm channelling threw this out of my head with a mighty noo! Water is not artificial and synthetic! So I cannot dare touch this. However, there are of course other fluid substances that I can use. I'm going to research into these synthetic fluids to see what's out there but for now I leave you with the lava lamp.

The 'lava' in a lava lamp is actually wax which rises and falls when its density changes due to the heat from the lamp's light bulb. Wax is either a natural material or a synthetic one depending on how it is made so saying that my wax is synthetic I could have screen like walls or things like path lights which are similar to how a lava lamp works.

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Samantha said...

Lava lamps are amazing : D You should definitely have a little bit of that in your garden : D