Friday, 7 February 2014

Futurist Sounds

I found this really interesting video on YouTube about Futurist sounds/music. It talked about Futurism seeing noise as rich and artistic so established ways of producing music were disapproved of. There are categories of sounds that the Futurists would believe were suitable music noises.

  • Booms, thunderclaps, explosions, crashes, slashes, roars.
  • Whistles, hisses, snorts.
  • Whispers, murmurs, mutterings, bustling noises, gurgles.
  • Screams, screeches, rustlings, buzzes, cracklings, friction sounds.
  • Percussion on... Metals, terracotta.
  • Shouts, shrieks, howls, laughs, wheezes, sobs.
The Futurists showed their love for these sort of mechanical noises through their music experiments.

I am going to look for man made objects/materials which simulate these noises so that I can figure out what my 'noise sculptures' can be made of.

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