Saturday, 8 February 2014

Suitable Futurist Materials for Sculptures

Similarly to what I did with my plants, I have allocated certain Futurist approved materials to the ways I design my sculptures. These are cardboard, glass, hemp, aluminium, ceramics, neon tubes, celluloid plastic, rubber as well as tin and wood because they make good noises when hit, also while not on my original material map have also been used by Futurists.
I then thought about how some of these materials make better sounds when interacted with in a certain way compared to others. A lot of these materials come in ranges of shapes/designs. One thing that is key is texture and all of the materials have different textures.
I have noticed however, that a lot of them can have a corrugation/ribbing which creates different noises on each on when interacted with. Adding a bit of ribbing could help add more interest to my sculptures and the sounds that emit from them.

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