Thursday, 1 November 2012

Character Design: Initial sketches

Should have posted these up last week but I did show them to Justin and get feedback then so I haven't been hiding them!
Once I had got my storyline down I created some inital thumbnails of my heroine and sidekick to show justin the sort of thing I had in mind.

I really wanted to have my heroine look flexible and ready for action so I gave her quite long legs for this. I also needed to make sure I made secret agent & sci-fi/space opera elements come across in her so I gave her quite a tight fitting outfit. When I spoke to Justin he told me that to make her the young teenage hero I wanted she needed to have slimmer thighs, be shorter and somewhat more boyish in shape and did a quick sketch (right) to help me visualise this. So I will next be experimenting with this.
When it came to my sidekick I thought I needed to include robot like elements through the owl's features however when I showed Justin these he suggested that I start off with a robot and add owl features to it instead. He talked about the slick, simple design especially of Eve from Wall. E and showed me how it can be simple but still say owl.

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