Saturday, 10 November 2012

Character Design: Week 5 Exercises

For this week's character design lesson we looked at how poses can show a character's personality/emotion. We did a few starter poses with Justin especially looking at asymmetry, the poses were confident, shy/evasive and contemplation.

We started off by breaking up into groups and doing a bit of acting with the characters we lucky dipped. I was in a group with Anita and Sammy, we took turns drawing a pair. I actually really enjoyed it which considering I don't like acting and am really shy about it is great!

Here are my two drawings of the character pairs I got.

The first was a lunatic and a psychiatrist. I tried to make the asymmetrical lines visible in the lunatic to show there was something suspect about her and curved the psychiatrist's back to show her listening in depth. I think she needed to be a bit more curved though. The second was captain awesome and resentment boy so I curved and tightened up resentment boy away from the other character while captain awesome was loose curved out lines so very open.
We then took two existing characters and applied a scenario to them. I had the Incredible Hulk and Danger Mouse but I was really struggling with then so I broke them back down to their basic shapes and applied the lucky dip character types to them. So Hulk became a insistent salesman and Danger Mouse was a reluctant consumer. I then tried my own scenario with Danger Mouse being a eager overly friendly character and the Hulk being introverted and anti social.
Lastly I placed around with Danger Mouse's expressions to get me used to it for my character design.

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