Thursday, 1 November 2012

Character Design: Sidekick Shapes and Development

To help me make my sidekick more robot like I used my owl anatomy research and the shape techniques we had learnt in class to simplify the owl into basic shapes which would create a sleek/modern tech feel about them.

I tried experimenting with ways especially how I could represent the owl wings sleekly even removing them at one point in case they were unnecessary robot parts. 
I then took these basic shapes and added more robot form to them. I tried to make the eyes like a camera lens shutting on some as I felt that was appropriate for the secret agent/space opera theme. I like the idea of big eyes because I think this will show the friendliness of my sidekick character. After feedback with Justin he said #2 was most successful so I will now go about developing that one.

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Alice said...

I love numbers 2 and 5! (: