Saturday, 10 November 2012

Character Design: Week 4 Exercises

For week 4 of character design we looked at anthropomorphism of objects. We had to think of what qualities we would associate with objects from the room we were given and then make them express this through character.

I got a 'shed' as my room so I looked at flower pots, gardening tools, watering cans, lawn mowers etc.. and thought about what I think those objects would act like if they were alive.
My first attempt at this turned into a bit of a pickle but Justin could see what I was attempting to do with some of the objects so after some tips I started afresh and did some more at home for some practise.

Attempt one. I was going for an angry rake because people hurt themselves on them but later talking to Justin realised the nature of being hurt by a rake in the media was clumsy/goofy so I changed this on my next sheet. I also wanted quite a snotty watering can and was thinking of a flower pot as hiding under it's shell so quite shy but it wasn't really working.
I'm much happier with these ones even though I still think the peg needs some work. I added pattern and frills to the watering can to make it look like it was too good to be used, more impractical. I also turned the flower pot up the right way and added a Wall.E influenced shape to the eyebrow. My rake also now has a goofy grin and stance.
We were asked to bring in an interesting object to our lesson and we soon found out that we would be making it into a character. I brought in my PS3 controller as I thought it had an interesting shape to work with and then working on the idea of how a PS3's user may feel when playing created the below characters. My first one is overly tired from playing obsessively, my second one is over hyperactive and my third is sort of crab like, crawling/itching to play more.

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