Saturday, 23 February 2013

Experiments with Perspective

Trying to break away from the view of my stand I have been doing and instead showing it's grandness in scale. I've been trying to figure out how my stand would fit in the scene but I'm still not sure what would surround it which I need to know before I can move on and properly place it in a 'space'. Another thing I'm not sure about is whether the room it is in should be circular so it doesn't look like its in a corridor or whether a straight rectangular room would be ok and if this roof is high enough to show how big the stand is.

Straight room/roof
Circular room/roof


Tom Beg said...

Circular roof!

Ryan Leitao said...

A circular roof would totally make it more luxurious.

Emma Foster said...

Thanks guys!

Adria said...

That helps me a lot to understand better how it is going to be once finished Emma.

I think it would fit better into a circular room/roof too.