Sunday, 24 February 2013

Main Ironwork Girder Pattern Tests

The main structure of my Phileas Fogg stand is made up of Victorian ironwork girders. There are many different styles of girders, some more suited to bridges than others however there are also some qualities that my stand needs for its girders to help the whole grand display work better. A few of the most important qualities that are needed are for the girders to act as a strong main structure, be able to look through and see other elements of the stand and finally have an industrious feel but also be overstated, embellished and magnificent.

I have created 4 variations of girders and alongside it drawn the parts of my stand that will be made of them so that I can keep track of all the different  patterns and scales of elements without confusion. I think out of the 4 designs #1 or #2 convey these qualities the best. #4 would probably obscure too much from view and I don't think #3 is embellished enough.


tutorphil said...

I like 1 - very elegant!

Adria said...

I like number 4, but you are right, it would cover up too much :/