Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phileas Fogg Stand Thumbnails

After feedback from my pitch I knew I was heading in the right direction to create something original with Jules Verne's classic. I did receive some tips about maybe not focusing on a whole room or rooms as a tribute to Phileas Fogg's revolutionary trip but rather a stand which screamed British Empire, Around the World in 80 Days storyline and a P.T. Barnum touch all at once.

In preparation for my tutorial yesterday I produced some stand ideas where things involved in the book like plants, animals, landmarks would sit around it. Before the tutorial I was leaning towards #2 or #3 with the scale being represented by my little figures. I thought these were the most successful because of the scale, the possibility of animation within them and where I could fit more objects.

After my tutorial Phil agreed that #3 was the most successful and suggested I carry on along those lines but trying to add even more entertainment and American influence to it. I also need to figure out how certain objects would attach to the stand and how they would move so these two things are my next step!

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