Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phileas Fogg Stand Components

I've been keeping a pen and paper beside me and jotting down possible parts to my Around the World in 80 Days stand at any time something pops into my head. This list keeps swapping and changing and will probably keep doing so for a while until the way my stand 'works' is finalised. I thought I would share it at the current time showing where in Fogg's travels he comes across some of them.

Charing Cross, London, UK


Suez, Egypt

-The Mongolia Steamer
-Date palms/ coffee plants


-Religious Carnival pieces
-Mosque/ singagogue related objects

Hong Kong, China

-Horsedrawn Carriage used to transport Mrs Aouda.
-Sail-powered Wheelbarrows
-Chinese streamers/banners (Eating Houses)


-(Still deciding)

Other things

-British Empire Flags/Bunting
-Switchback Railway

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