Thursday, 28 February 2013

Instancing Part 9: Instances & Paint Effects (Trees)

I've been trying to render this tutorial out properly into a video a few times now but it still isn't doing it right and I have repeated the tutorial at least 3 times now so I'm just gonna post up still images showing it at work for now, I can definitely say I can make random trees in my scenes now though :)



Jackie said...

Hi Emma! Not related to the above post...but I keep forgetting to bring it, so here is the name of that book I referenced in my dissertation that might be useful to you.

Cynthia Carter, Theorizing Culture - an Interdiscilinary Critique after Postmedernism, Edited by Barbara Adam and Stuart Allan

Bit that I referred to - 'Nuclear family fall-out: postmodern family culture and the media.

Might help!! :)

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Jackie that's really helpful! :D