Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fashionable Futurist Colours

On the hunt to find out which colours were popularly used during the movement of Futurism I stumbled across an article by Emily Brawn called Futurist Fashion. I decided to give this a go in finding the right colours because the same ones would also be applied to the fashion of that movement. The article was really interesting and I found exactly what I needed.

  • Blacks, browns and greys were not to be used as they were seen as stodgy and traditional.
  • Yellow and black combinations were a no no.
  • Brilliant primary colours.
  • Colours of patriotic significance to the Italian flag.
  • Bright colours as direction translation of dynamic 'force-lines'.
  • Joyful. Muscular colours: the most violet violet, the reddest red, the deepest of deep blues, the greenest of greens, brilliant yellows, vermilions, and oranges.
  • Ice-cream colours. 

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