Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hildebrand & Kenedy- The Geometry of Pasta

Futurism founder Filippo Tommaso Marinetti wrote a manifesto of ideal Futurist cooking. It is really interesting how he applies futurism to the kitchen. Some of the expectations were...

  • No pasta as it lacks passion.
  • Perfect meals require originality and harmonious table setting.
  • Sculpted foods to appeal to the eye and imagination.
  • No knife or fork.
  • Perfumes to enhance tasting experience.
  • Some food on the table isn't for eating just to be experienced by the nose and eyes.
  • Food should arrive rapidly and be full of flavours. It should only be a few mouthfuls in size.
  • No political discussion or speeches during meals.
  • No music and poetry.
  • Traditional kitchen equipment is replaced by scientific equipment such as Colloidal mills to pulverize food items.
It is really helpful seeing how artificial and synthetic the futurists wanted their food, let alone their gardens so I can definitely use this to aid my project.

During my research I also found this image which applies a illustration from the recipe book The Geometry of Pasta to Marinetti's ideas. Even though he disliked pasta the silhouette shapes in the illustration look like they could be man made materials like plastic because they are about the simplistic shape rather than the full look of a piece of pasta. I could imagine some of these shapes being included in Futurist buildings. So silhouettes of simplified flower parts will be very helpful for my garden design.

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