Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Futurist Painting Techniques

During the art movement of Futurism the futurist artists crossed between two techniques of painting. These techniques were Divisionism and Cubism.
These forms of painting already existed prior to the development of Futurism so I wanted to find out how futurists adapted them for their own ideas.
For those who do not know what these two techniques here are some definitions.
Divisionism- Also a type of pointillism and famously known from works by Georges Seurat, is a technique where the painting is built up from separated colours applied through individual dots/patches which are brought together to form an image optically.
File:A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat, 1884.png
Typical divisionism
Futurist divisionism
The divisionism of the Futurist stage looks looser, more line than dot like and brighter in colour values.
Cubism- Famously popularised by Pablo Picasso is an art form where the subject is broken up into sections once it is analysed then put back together in abstract form. This new abstract form is the view of the subject from various angles at once rather than one.
Typical Cubism
Futurist Cubism
Futurist cubism seems to be more muted in colour but relies more heavily on specific shapes such as different sized triangles rotated around to make up the image. The base abstract form is also not painted on top of to define the image more.

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