Friday, 4 October 2013

Futurist Materials

After my second tutorial I came out feeling confident and ready to carry on working towards my Futurist garden. I know that my next step is to create a set of rules that I will abide by like my own Futurist manifesto for the project. Before I did that I wanted to make sure I was aware of the materials that would be typical of Futurist three-dimensional work and 'new' back then. Mostly plastics were new material advancements during the 20s so I will definitely be applying lots of them to my work.

I feel like opening up Maya and having a play with it to try and create these materials in a Futurist way!


tutorphil said...

Hey Emma :)

Lots of exciting research here - really looking forward to you estabishing your Futurist 'rulebook'! I think you should try and write your rulebook in as an impassioned way as one of those manifestos - try and write it polemically - lots of absolutes and exclamation marks! Get into the spirit of things!

Emma Foster said...

Haha thanks Phil I shall give that a go! :)