Friday, 21 March 2014

Adjusting Footage

Before I can use my footage for tracking or experimenting with layouts on top of it was important to see how it looked. Having checked my footage after filming I knew the camera shake from filming handheld footage needed to be adjusted and I had this big imperfection over the footage which could not be seen on the screen of the video camera but on the computer which by then was too late to try and get rid of.

Yesterday Jordan and I looked at fixing the camera shake which was pretty successful. However, the imperfection and the quality of the footage still seemed to be an issue until Phil reminded me that the actual imperfection and low quality will add to the truth of the Futurist's garden being there. So hooray for a happy accident!

Here is the original footage.

This is the footage with the warp stabilizer effect applied to it, it has really tidied up the camera shake.

Jordan did try to get rid of the imperfection on the camera using some masks and blur effects but this just seemed to lower the quality of the footage further. Here is the result of it though.

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