Saturday, 8 March 2014

Filming Prep

Today was the day I set aside to gather up all of the equipment I needed to get outside of uni for tracking. My tripod dolly came today and I took a trip down to Wickes to get some suitable poles and squares to help with tracking as well as a pot of white paint and a tape measure.

I did look for some wet clay in town as Phil had suggested to use this to keep the thin poles standing up straight but I didn't manage to find any so I'll be looking in the uni shop for some on Monday.

I took some pictures of the equipment I got today and what I did to the poles and squares.

If you're wondering what the tissue box is there for, I punched some holes out of it with a pencil and pushed the rods through to the middle, I then used some disposable cups to balance one end of the rods on. The tissue box is helping the rods keep off the newspaper allowing me to paint all the way around them without the risk of them drying on the paper and it getting stuck to them. I just have the little tips of the rods on the cups to paint now but once the rest is dry I can move the cups down a bit.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Emma

You may find that the dolly you have causes you problems because you don't have a track (Rails to run along). It will bump up and down on the pavement / gravel. I know it a lot to carry but taking something to run on like planks of wood (Thin strips of MDF / Hardboard - something smooth and light) will smooth your shot out.

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Alan I'll make sure to get some :)