Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Garden Segments/Areas

In order to plan where to place my garden objects in relation to my footage I have divided the courtyard into sections for different garden activities, something gardens are normally broken up into.

For my Futurists' garden there are to be 5 key areas...
  • A Main Focus
  • A Very Energetic and Noisy Area
  • A Sculptural Area
  • An Interactive Area
  • An Eating, Shaded Area
Using these 5 areas I had to plan where each went, gardens have journeys of  a beginning, middle and end, and anticipation, tension and release are key points to the journey's feelings. These ideas have led to me placing the areas in particular places in the courtyard.

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tutorphil said...

sorry - I just saw this post - you're already doing what I was talking about... great!