Thursday, 27 March 2014

Garden Layout Finalised

As I take my footage into photoshop to work on top of and figure out where things work best before tracking and placing it all in maya I decided I needed to pick from the possible layouts/area plans I had drawn up last week. I felt this was needed to give me the push and confidence to experiment with object placements otherwise I'm just starting from a blank canvas with no idea where to stop. I have picked the layout/areas below out of all of the ones I designed because I felt it had an end point with the shady area. These tourists have been on an experience journeying through the garden until they reach an area which everyone enjoys when they go away somewhere. Somewhere to rest and enjoy the atmosphere. I thought this was appropriate after the area of noise machines because it allows them to take it in properly.

I also think this zig-zag layout with triangles being the basis is a good fit for a Futurist layout. It has no symmetry, instead it is completely asymmetrical and hectic which I think fits Futurism and it's chaos!

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tutorphil said...

yep! this was my choice too! :)