Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Collection of Stabilized Footage

All of my footage is now stabilized to get rid of any camera shake that was created from the handheld camera work. I have 25 different pieces of footage to pick from for my animation and being that the animation is to be between 1 and a half to 2 minutes I will need to cut down the amount of footage to the ones which seem most suitable for my work.

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tutorphil said...

well done, Emma, getting all this ship-shape. I think, if I was in your position now and I had to get this into a 2 minute edit, I'm simply be thinking like a tourist - i.e. my moment of arrival at the garden - so on the outside looking in, then shots that are more 'inside' - so looking at particular items of interest, like I'm immersed, and then looking across the garden from the opposite side, as if you've gone as far as you can go. You might want to work up a very quick thru-line - so for example, arrival, 'the glass border', the plastics border, the metal border (i.e. groupings of plants by their materials), the 'centre or island border' , which might have your 'fountains' or noise-makers, and so on - just give yourself some clear stepping stones by which to begin to know what you're dropping in which scene... :)