Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Footage Order

I've begun working out which order my footage will play in based on what Phil suggested I do. Acting as if I was a tourist exploring the garden I have categorized my selected pieces of footage under beginning, middle and end. I haven't yet decided which goes first in each category but it's a start! It has also enabled me to see how long each section looks to be. For example, I know that the end category has way too much footage so I will have to decide which to cut.

Animation- Roughly 2 minutes long.


Footage 1 (16 secs)
Footage 2 (30 secs) -Maybe combine parts of footage 1 & 2
Footage 4 (28 secs)

1 min, 14 secs.


Footage 5 (22 secs)
Footage 21 (19 secs)
Footage 22 (10 secs)
Footage 23 (13 secs)

1 min, 4 secs.


Footage 9 (40 secs) -need to pick section.
Footage 11 (14 secs with cut)
Footage 16 (30 secs with cut)
Footage 17 (18 secs)
Footage 18 (21 secs)
Footage 19 (22 secs)

2 mins, 25 secs.

Definitely need to cut some footage out as this is way too long!!


tutorphil said...

It's a start indeed, Emma! What are we thinking 2 mins or thereabouts?

Emma Foster said...

Yup about 2 mins :)