Thursday, 17 April 2014

Image 2- Progress

I'm a bit further into getting image 2 complete, it is taking a while because I am still trying to get to grips with lining everything up and there are a lot of things to put in! Just the one plant wall must have 20 plants or so carefully organised to show up well. I can feel that I'm getting quicker at it now though so no need to panic just yet.
I decided I wanted to get a rough lighting in too because when testing out the render result I was presented with some black blobs where the glass plants should be which is really not helpful in seeing if I'm happy with it. So at last my HDR dome went in and I got this after the first render.

This was really exciting to see! I think it still needs a lot of work though because I still can't distinguish the purple plants from the green ones on the wall.

I thought I would have a further play to see if I could improve the look a bit and to figure out the settings as this is all new to me. I ended up with the rendered sections below.

I'm going to stick with the first result for now as it is definitely better to work with and see how things are looking compared to what I had before.

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