Monday, 28 April 2014

Linear Workflow Set Up

Throughout working on one of my scenes it has been bothering me that my 'glass' plants in the top right corner have last their vibrancy. Originally it was suggested that this could be due to my HDR image needing colour correction because of the strong blue colour it was omitting into my scene. I adjusted this but it didn't seem to resolve the issue. Today I asked Alan if it could be the fact I am not working in linear workflow that is causing the issue.

I decided to give this a go as even if it didn't resolve the issue it would still clean up the colours in my scene. After doing this it is shocking how different my scene looks!

Originally it was rendering like the below image. This shows the lack of colour in the top right glass plants and the coating of blue on everything.

This was then my process of setting up my linear workflow. At first my colours are all washed out but they gradually got better and the blue coating was beginning to go.

Beginning to gamma correct my shaders.

After this point the glass plants still seemed washed out so after some help from Alan it was decided that in order to get the colours back to as I had them in my Minor project I would need to adjust the gamma to a figure that gave me this result. This seems to be a strange characteristic to the dielectric shader.
I adjusted the gamma accordingly to several of my glass plants as they all seemed like they could do with a bit more pop.
This also seemed to fix another issue I was having where the green glass in the foreground had some parts appearing completely clear. They are now tinted and a bit more cloudy.
Finally I added a directional light into the scene where the sun would be (using my HDR dome as reference). This was a last minute addition after Alan pointed out that I had left one out when it was needed to work with the HDR. Adding this has definitely cleaned up the blue coating and given me some proper shadows to work with. I will have to play around with it until I am happy.

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