Sunday, 27 April 2014

Italian Futurist Voiceover

One important part to making this Futurists' garden authentic and understood was to get a voice over which I could pretend was being played through speakers in the garden as if telling visitors why this is a correct garden compared to 'natural' ones. Because the Futurists were originally Italian it seemed right to try and get hold of an Italian man who could record it for me.

This was the original voice over I was given.

To make it more suitable for my use and more Futurist I went in to audition and gave it an old vinyl, tinny crackle.

Finally, I gave the voice over a megaphone effect. I found two different ways to achieve this, they are quite similar but there is still a noticeable difference to them so I am going to need to decide which seems better.

1 comment:

tutorphil said...

I think I prefer the 'snakeskin' version - it's more aggressive somehow!