Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tracking Update

Today Phil and I had a chat about what had been going on with my tracking. We came to the conclusion that at this point in time continuing to try and track footage that Matchmover was not responding to very well would not be the most productive of things to do in the amount of time left on the project as there is no guarantee that it will eventually track correctly being that the quality is not very good.

Instead, I will be using the much better quality photographs I took while at Somerset House to set my garden in. Of course the animation of my objects, the sound-scape and everything else I intended to do to my footage to make the garden as authentic as possible will still feature in the stills, the only change is that there is no camera movement now. This is something I intend to try and achieve in After Effects.

These are all of the photographs I captured at Somerset House, I'm glad to say I managed to get one for each corner and side so I should be able to do a lot with them. The only thing I need to do to them is Photoshop my tracking markers and equipment out because even with the chance of covering them with objects, there is still the possibility that not all of them will be covered or that they will be covered with translucent objects.

Another thing might be to crop and straighten some of them up a bit because a few are noticeably wonky which is a bit off putting to look at. 

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tutorphil said...

good! and yes, get them straightened out! :)